The Syros – Ermoupolis Municipality invites you for another year to have fun and dance to the frenetic pace of Syrian Carnival “Georgios Souris’.
George Souris was Syrianos satirical poet, journalist and editor, very popular with the public of his time. Characterized by the extreme ease in versification, the genius in finding the comic, the undiminished enthusiasm and benevolent satirical mood.
The program of the Syrian Carnival “George Souris” opens the curtain on February 4, 2017 and ends on March 4, 2017, and includes many events which aim to involve the whole world, Syrians and visitors, the unflagging enthusiasm and revelry of Carnival.
For the first time, will be official Launch of Syrian Carnival. Specifically, favorite band «48 Ores», the capital of Cyclades, will rouse us and will take us to the hectic carnival rhythms.
The events will spread in our beautiful village with the parade of carnival and the medieval settlement of Ano Syros, where he started and Syros Carnival cemented with the revival of the traditional carnival custom of “Zeybek”.
Under Syrian Carnival “George Souris,” the Animasyros, the International Festival and Market of Animation, returns to its natural seat for laboratory animation for children and people with disabilities.
To download the print driver Syrian Carnival “Georgios Souris’

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