The Kazino Syros started its operation in April 1997, giving the luxurious environment of all those elements who seek both the players and the guests. Cosmopolitan atmosphere, exquisite architecture, but the most basic you expect in a temple of Fortune: games that raise your adrenaline.
The facilities cover an area of ​​4000 sq.m. – As large as the space occupied by the former “Europe” hotel in a traditional building dating from 1830.
It is a fully renovated building, neoclassical architecture, which was built to function as a hotel. The building has retained its original name, “Europe” is one of the two preserved neoclassical mansions -which are connected by underground stoa- accommodating Casino Syros.
The casino setting is very intimate and the visitor feels he can adapt immediately. The games is that asking the average player to entertain in a casino.
In the luxurious “Muses” restaurant you can taste the delicacies of world famous chefs Vasilli and selected wine cellar casino where all compose the ideal environment for the three-day excursions. Exquisite atmosphere and spectacular views over the harbor and the town of Ermoupolis offers and the Roof Garden, ready to quench your thirst with exquisite cocktails and you had enough with Tickle snacks.
Finally in Prive room away from prying eyes bets can reach stratospheric heights, making the adrenaline hit red.
The only downside is that the casino does not have its own hotel, so for a stay should be referred elsewhere.
Games Casino Syros

Although the casino on Syros is less than other such example of Thessaloniki, this does not mean that less number of toys or service quality. Specifically, the casino is divided into three rooms. Ermoupolis in Azolimnos and Mega Gialos.
In the first room you will find the table games and more specifically 27 tables for Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. In the other two rooms will find more than 185 slots -koulocherides with different themes each one of them.

The luxury of having a casino on site is certainly something that is unforgettable for its guests. The casino is easily accessible from the center of the island is located in Ermoupolis. Regarding your move, this can be done by ship from the port of Piraeus with the distance is 2:30 minutes and you can fly from El. Venizelos airport in 25 minutes.

Casino Syros – Aegean Casino
Address: St. Morning 74, Ermoupoli, Syros, PC 84100
Tel: 2281084400
Fax: 2281084424