It is housed in the west side of the City Hall of Ermoupoli, in Miaoulis Square since 1899. The findings of Ioannis Kokkonis are those that will intrigue you, because they are the first ancient inscriptions found in the Cyclades. You will see utensils and figurines found in Amorgos, Kythnos, Paros, Naxos and Aegina, the oldest and most important settlements in the Cyclades, while the tools, weapons, ceramics as well as the marble and metal works found in the settlements of Kastri and Halandriani reveal the industriousness of the islanders and the development of the island since the 3rd Millennium BC. In the Museum several findings of the Hellenistic and Roman period, such as sculptures, sepulchral steles and inscriptions, are displayed. The impressive compass (No. 177) that was found in a tomb in Halandriani dated from the second half of 3rd Millennium BC along with the “Depas amphikypellon” (double vases) (No. 458) that was found in the village of Kastri, dated from the late 3rd Millennium BC, are the most important exhibits of the museum. – Copyright ©

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