SIRIAN CARNIVAL “Georgios Souris” “Escape from everyday life, enjoy Cycladic Halloween in Syrian mansion, live a unique spree with Aegean air!” The Municipality of Syros – Ermoupolis, having secured a rich Carnival cultural program invites you to the Syrian Carnival “Georgios Souris “. Georgios Souris was a Syrian satirist poet, journalist and publisher, very popular with the audience of his time. It was characterized by the extraordinary ease in lyrics, his genius in finding comedians, the incessant cheerfulness and the well-intentioned satirical mood. The Syrian Carnival program “George Souris” opens its courtyard on February 3, 2018 and ends on February 20, 2018, and includes a variety of events that aim to involve the whole world, Syrians and visitors, in the unforgettable mood and spree of the Carnival. The official launch of Syrian Carnival and the presentation of the carnival group uniforms will take place on Saturday, February 3, 2018. She will live with Walkman the band one of the best Party Bands that holds the most successful recipe for entertainment. The events will spread to the medieval settlement of Ano Syros, where the Syrian Carnival began and established, with the revival of the traditional Carnival tradition of Zeibekia. Within the Syrian Carnival “Georgios Souris”, Animasyros, the International Film Festival and Animation, returns to its physical location for animation workshops and educational programs for children and people with disabilities. The Syrian Carnival ends with the great parade on the last Sunday of the Carnival, in the historical center of Ermoupolis and the traditional Koulouma in the countryside of Syros. To download the guide book of Syrian Carnival “Georgios Souris”

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Location: Syros