The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas is a magnificent Byzantine Church near Miaoulis Square, the construction of which started in 1848 according to the designs of G. Metaxas and the consent of King Otto. The church was finally completed in 1870. Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Hermoupolis, stands out for its lavish interiors and impressive architectural structure, the icon of St. Nicholas that was silver-plated in Moscow, the despotic marble throne, the pulpit and the marble iconostasis that was designed by George Vitalis.

This is a two-storied monumental temple with marble bell towers, an imposing marble staircase and marble propylaeums, ionic columns, archaic motifs, arcades, sculptured decorations, grey and blue slates and a unique iconostasis definitely worth seeing. The church’s icons were created by some of the best icon painters of their time while many Greeks from abroad as well as ship owners helped for the construction of the temple.