Founded in 1200 by the Venetians, Ano Syros is still inhabited throughout the course of history while maintaining its Catholic and medieval character. A city characterized by countless steps that pass by the white houses and arches at the edge of the hill leading to the top of the settlement where the Catholic Cathedral of Saint George is situated. The town was gradually created, amphitheatrically on the rocks like a natural fortress, so as to keep its residents safe from several attacks while the exterior walls of all the houses formed a natural fort protecting the locals from the raids. The narrow cobblestone streets gave residents the opportunity to hide from the various pirate attacks, while the wooden doors at the entrances of Portara, Epano & Kato Terma, Skalakia and Sabastias completely sealed the city from any invasion. Today it constitutes the island’s historic base, offering a plethora of tourist facilities, restaurants, taverns, cultural landmarks and attractions.